What’s On!

Bible Studies

A time reading and studying Gods Word, our night meetings usually involve eating a meal first.

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Sem 1 | 2021 Content

Mystery of Human Life

Week 1: God’s Creation
Week 2: Man’s Fall
Week 3: Christ’s Redemption
Week 4: God’s Dispensing

Journey Through the Bible

Week 5: God’s Purpose in Man’s Creation
Week 6: Man Created as a Vessel
Week 7: The Need for a Counterpart
Week 8: Satan’s Rebellion
Week 9: Satan’s Plot and Man’s Fall
Week 10: Man’s Choice
Week 11: God’s Promise of Redemption
Week 12: The Way to Escape Man’s Fall
Week 13: The Life and Work that Changed the Age

Christian Camp’s

We also organise a few camps each year and our members are always welcome to come along. These camps are a lot of fun while the messages spoken really strengthen our Christian pursuit.

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Study Session

A fun friendly environment in which to study coursework (Snacks included!)


Games Night

Is where we get together at the end of the week to eat pizza and play some games.

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Social Outings

A chance to get out and connect with each other while having fun at the same time. Activities include BBQs, Escape Room and anything else that we can all participate in.

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We love having one another over for dinner and every week you can usually find at least one students house offering a home cooked meal.


I’m ready to connect and pursue God!